Personal Statement

Today is a sad day for me.

I became a doctor with the firm intention of wanting to help people, wanting them to "heal". My initial disappointment when I experienced that this was not happening, turned into great excitement when I learned that there were other things one could do, outside the medical textbooks. I even ignored the opposition I encountered. Soon my new found enthusiasm started to wane too, because although everything seemed to have its uses, nothing was definitive.

Looking for the answers to health and illness, using my knowledge and the science available, slowly became a crusade. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astrology, as well as Ancient Medical systems, it was all explored in search of more complete answers.

More and more compelling evidence appeared, and eventually the camel's back broke. Being confronted with the fact - no more excuses available - that my way of helping people, that my medicine - the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt - was not only preventing people from recovering from illness, but was actually introducing illness, more illness and suffering than ever before in the whole history of humanity. That shocked me to the core. The realisation of all the damage I personally have caused in the name of "making people better" is sickening me.

Today is a sad day for me.

I worked hard because I was convinced that Western Medicine could change. Now I know it can't. The change involved is a complete U-turn; the truth lies in the direction totally opposite to the one in which Western Medicine is going. As a direct result of that realisation I have to get of this wagon here and now. I can no longer justify being a member of this sect and I hereby resign my post as a medical doctor.

Dr Patrick Quanten MD
September 2001

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