About me

Dr Quanten gave up his medical practice after many years of studying ancient and recent science. Believing there must be a common truth amongst the main belief systems of the world and all scientific knowledge, he never ceases to search for a greater understanding.
To this day he works to bring clarity in a world of deception and ulterior motives.
The sole purpose of the information this website contains is to stimulate people to be critical about the world they live in and to encourage them to retake the power and control over their own lives. In possession of the correct knowledge the individual is capable of making informed choices about his/her life and execute these choices. This website is about you. It is made for you. Use it to build your own healthcare management system.
Know the truth and feel the power of freedom.

Lots of thought provoking articles and information is available on the Active Health website, which is a record of my personal journey to freedom, driven by a desire for knowledge and truth. Finding truth releases one from the shackles of doubt and helplessness into a frightening world of self-discovery. In caring for one's well-being, freedom from a profit orientated system is a first step towards self-empowerment. - www.activehealthcare.co.uk

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