In Sickness and in Health

Becoming empowered also means taking control and responsibility of your own health. Experts can, at best, only give you generalised statements about diseases but as life is individual and all influences have a personal effect it makes a lot more sense if the control and decision-making process lies with the individual.

For this to be successfull it requires the individual to understand life and the way life in general influences life in person. Truthfull information that allows the individual to comprehend what is happening to him/her in order to draw usefull conclusions is in this concet essential. These are truths about LIfe, not about details. We first need to understand the larger picture before we have any chance of explaining the details.

The Missing Science in Medicine is painting the larger picture. It sets out the scientific framework within which your personal health needs to be viewed, simply because it is part of Life and operates in the same way.

Self-Empowerment in Sickness and in Health.

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