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It is very difficult to feel empowered in all aspects of life but at least you should have the feeling you have some say in the way you live your life. You certainly should not feel powerless in any aspect of life. It is your life; it remains your right to do with that whatsoever you decide.

The various aspects of life may present specific difficulties with regards to executing your own power. In a series of topics we explore these various aspects with people sharing their ideas so individuals feel empowered to take back the right to be an individual with individual needs and requirements in life.

We share these thoughts within the group because we do not take on the task of changing the world. Each individual can take whatever he or she feels is useful. Becoming a member of the group can be done in two different ways and it is all about contributing towards the group. You either submit your ideas and when they are accepted they will be added to the website and in return you receive a one year free subscription. The other way is to donate a small contribution towards the cost of keeping the group informed, updated and connected. By submitting the filled in application form you gain access to the information for a full calendar year.

This is not a discussion forum; it isn't about being "right". It is about finding out what is required in order for anyone to gain more freedom of choice, more independence from imposed beliefs. For that reason we share information and we endeavour to stay close to science and truth. There is no specific goal we are trying to achieve. We simply would like you to focus on the question: Is it me or somebody/something else who wants me to do this or be like this?

You could contribute your idea to the group by submitting your writings. Share your views with others so we can all grow to become more self-empowered.

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